Marital Issues Can Arise When Mom Brings Home More Bacon Than Dad


May 3rd, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

Being married isn’t easy. That’s probably why you’re reading this article! I get it. I can say firsthand, as someone whose marriage could not survive our marital issues, that being married is really hard, and that there are issues in every marr...

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The Blended Family: Advantages and Disadvantages


March 22nd, 2024 . Katherine E. Miller and Jackie Pilossoph

The blended family. It sounds so perfect. After all, the Brady Bunch seemed pretty happy, didn’t they? What the iconic seventies sitcom never showed us was that Mrs. Brady almost assuredly got on the boys’ nerves, at times, and the girls probably...

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If He Didn’t Hit Me Is It Abuse? Signs and Tips for Victims


October 7th, 2023 . Beverly Price

Abuse is not always as obvious as a physical altercation. In fact, many victims of abuse may not even realize they are in an abusive relationship because it doesn't involve physical violence. That's why I so often hear the question, "If he didn't hit...

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Financial Abuse in a Marriage: Signs and Steps to Take if You’re a Victim


August 30th, 2023 . Juli Walton

Everyone understands the significance and power of money. It’s not supposed to buy us happiness, but it sure can make us comfortable, and provide choices in our lives. Money can be used to make insecure people feel successful, it can be used to be ...

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How to Ask Forgiveness from Someone You’ve Hurt


June 27th, 2023 . Erik Feig

How do you ask for forgiveness from someone you've hurt?    Something I see happen in many of my mediation sessions is one person attempting to apologize to the other. But there are many kinds of apologies. For instance, one type of apolo...

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