Diary of a Wellness Retreat in Italy


July 10th, 2024 . Hannah McKitrick

I just returned home from leading a week-long culinary and wellness retreat in Italy. Southern Italy. Retreats by nature are designed to be life changing. There is something so sacred that happens when a group of souls journeys together through the u...

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The Day my Divorce Seemed Like a Teeny Tiny Problem


May 16th, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

Everyone going through a divorce, and everyone who is divorced has problems. So does every PERSON, even if they are happily married. What I want to share is a very personal experience about a day that that made my divorce seem like a teeny tiny probl...

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What’s Your Mother Story?


May 12th, 2024 . Michèle Heffron

What's your mother story? Some of us are mothers and some of us are not. But we all have one, or at least had one at some point. Whether you were raised by a family member, a guardian, adopted mother, or from the original packaging, mothers are wh...

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7 Steps In Stopping a Bad Habit


April 19th, 2024 . Dr. Kevin Skinner

We all have bad habits. Some are so ingrained in our daily routine that we barely notice them. These habits may seem harmless, but they can hurt our lives in the long run. Examples of bad habits are procrastination, nail-biting, overeating, smoking, ...

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Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation During Divorce


April 8th, 2024 . Sarah Nitschke

 Divorce is often identified as the second most stressful life event we may experience, the first being death of a loved one. At a minimum divorce is challenging and stressful and often, it can be a devastating nightmare. Divorce is a time of loss, ...

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